Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I heart Nate

So last week Nate and I went to check out places for our wedding dinner. We went a couple places and eventually to Magleby's-- which we fell in love with! Everyone was so nice and the room was beautiful and the food is amazing and the price was perfect! We were both so excited!! So we put our name down for the reservation and they said there was another party of 15 that night but they would be fine (most likely) in their other room.

So we got excited and then the next day they called and said the group needed that room for a meeting... and so we couldn't have our dinner there. Poor Nate had to give me the news and I wasn't very happy. I started acting like a three year old. I was like, "Nate my dress was practically ruined, my invitations were messed up and two weeks late, they changed my coordinator five weeks before my reception, and Kalai quit a month before. I've had it. Not one more person is telling me no. We are having our dinner at Magleby's." Nate is so calm and just kind of smiled at me. I knew we would have to have it somewhere else, but I still felt like venting. So we spent another week trying to find a place, but nothing was working out.

On Monday night I came home and Nate was gone. I called him and he said he was at Magleby's begging Carrie to try to figure something out. Carrie (Magleby's catering manager) was so nice and offered to call the business again. (I think she was pretty sympathetic to Nate after he explained about his crazy bride-to-be). Well last night Carrie called us back.... and we get to have it at Magleby's! I'm seriously so excited.

p.s. I would like to give a shout out to Pfizer pharmaceuticals that was willing to move their meeting-- thank you so much!!!


The Bentleys said...

hahahaha... MC you make me laugh!! I love you and hope everything goes perfect from here on out!

Rachel DeFreese said...

YAY!!! That is such great news, girl!

Colby and Katie said...

:) you really do make me laugh. Please call me if I can help with ANYTHING! You have my number and I kinda just did all this a month ago.

Brenda said...

hooray! Magleby's is great!

Annie said...

I"m so glad something finally worked out for you!! My mom said the dress appointment went well :) Love ya! Let me know if you need anything.