Sunday, August 31, 2008

you're our favorite part about the west coast

Last weekend Nate and I went down to California for me to go through the Newport Beach temple for the first time. His parents and Hannah came down also. It was such a great experience because I was able to have so many people there from when I grew up. After the temple my mom planned a little dinner in our backyard-- it made me miss California so much! It's always good to go home and I have been spoiled lately getting to be with my family so much.

On the way back we spent some time in Logandale at Nate's house. We got to eat at the Inside Scoop with his family, including his grandma and Mike and Danielle. We also got to see the nursery Danielle and Mike set up for little Macy-- Danielle is due this Friday!

Below are some pictures from California-- too bad Megan couldn't be there to take better pictures!

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Brenda said...

Maybe I want to stay at YOUR parents house next time I got to CA, instead of mine!