Thursday, August 21, 2008

you've had a birthday

Yesterday was a little crazy with everything Nate and I are trying to get finished before we head down to California tonight. However, we ended the day up the canyon celebrating our friend Stephanie's birthday. Her boyfriend Brett has been home for the summer so it was fun to get to hang out with him again like we did back in the days of Old Academy 304. We made tin foil dinners, dutch oven peach cobbler, and corn-- fresh from Steph's house back in South Dakota. It was such an amazing night and I'm getting sad that summer is almost over... of course that means we're just closer to the wedding day!!!

p.s. Today are my bridals so pray my dress is right when I go pick it up -- we had some alteration issues yesterday :(

p.p.s. The invitations are in and we are going to be putting them together this weekend down at my house. I'm so excited about them! Be looking for one in the mail!

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Nate said...

look at you, my little blogger! You just put that part about it being fun to hang out with Brett in because you found out he reads our blog :)