Friday, August 8, 2008

getting excited

Sorry it's been so long since I posted. Nate has the camera with our pictures from our trip... I'm so bad at uploading those things.

But I feel like I have so many exciting things to post about. First things first, today I got a package in the mail with all of the decorations for the shower my mom and sister are throwing me... they are absolutely to die for. The theme is Breakfast at Tiffany's-- my favorite!!! I cannot believe how absolutely perfect everything is. My mom and sister are brilliant. I told my sister that I wish they could plan my wedding like that and send it all neatly packaged in a box. It has been more than a little stressful planning this wedding-- especially with my mom in California, Megan in Indiana, and my BFF Brooke in DC. At least I've got Nate here keeping me somewhat sane!

Speaking of Nate, he has planned the most amazing honeymoon. We are spending the first two nights at the Hilton in downtown Salt Lake and then heading down to Long Beach, California where we will leave on a seven-day cruise to Mexico. They have all of these fun activities you can sign up for and Nate said we each should choose one. There are a bunch of exotic things like ziplining through the rainforest. Nate wants to swim with the dolphins. I thought the afternoon in town with shopping and restaurants sounded good to me. :)

I'm excited for both of our parents to come up next week and then the following weekend we are headed down to California for me to go through the temple for the first time. I'm really excited to go through the Newport temple. It has been such a special temple because I got to see it built from start to finish and even attend the dedication. I'm also excited that so many people I am close to will be able to be there!


Meg said...

Oh I'm so excited for you guys!! A cruise will be awesome! Nate and I went on a caribbean cruise and LOVED it. You should definitely do the ziplining. We didn't get time to do that so do it for us! Haha. Hope wedding planning is going well. I'm sure it will be beautiful. :)

Brenda said...

That's great! We will be down in CA, going through the Newport Beach temple for my niece (Aug. 28), she is getting sealed in the San Diego Temple on Aug. 29. That's so exciting that your wedding is coming right up!