Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First of all the losers

Nate and I have really been getting into the Olympics the last few days. It's getting a little boring watching Michael Phelps win all of those medals and break world record after world record ;) but I love watching the gymnastics. Last night was the girls and it was really close between America and China. China actually messed up and the Americans had a chance, but then Alicia Sacramone fell off the beam. I felt so badly for her! I just wanted to give her a hug, but luckily Marta (Nate and I think she's the "Team Mom") was there to console her. I can't even comprehend the pressure these girls must be feeling. Luckily (in a way), the Americans lost by a greater margin than her mistake, but you could tell how badly she felt. After the event, she had to perform again!!! I think I would have just left.... probably why I am not an Olympic athlete.
Nate and I love this Jerry Seinfeld sketch where he talks about silver being the first of all the losers. I think that is how the American team felt getting second to China. Ironically, the night before the American men's team had won bronze and it was like they won gold! They say the secret to happiness is lowering one's expectations...

So my mom and sister are coming into town this afternoon to help me with all things wedding! If anyone can solve this dress problem of mine, it's my sister! I'll keep you all updated because I know you're just sitting on the edge of your seat in anticipation... hahaha :)

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Jeff and Passelly said...

im so glad im finally learned the secret to life, ive been miserable all these years for nothing!