Monday, May 12, 2008

While were young + beautiful

So much has been going on lately. It seems my blogging is inversely related to how busy my life is.

First of all, I graduated! It has felt amazing to be completely finished with school-- I still can't believe how much Nate and I accomplished during those last few weeks. We had fun celebrating and taking some traditional (and some not so traditional) BYU pictures.
The most entertaining part of the entire weekend was probably our dinner at the Olive Garden. We were hoping to get our friend Colby as the server, but we ended up with this older lady that I really wish I could remember her name right now. She decided whether what we ordered was right or not and wouldn't clear my dad's plate until he finished all of his vegetables. However, she did think we were all "beautiful people."

The next weekend Nate and I headed down to Logandale to visit his family. It was very relaxing. It actually snowed pretty badly on the drive down there, but we ended up getting to enjoy the sun and the lake.

We had a lot of fun hanging out with Nate's parents and Danielle, Mike, and Hannah. We saw Ironman, wakeboarded, explored the sandunes, and even got to see an elementary school May Day performance featuring one of Nate's cousins.

And as if that wasn't enough celebration, Nate sold a house on Saturday. He has put a lot of hard work into selling this house (he even did some yardwork). Totally proud of that boy.


Meg said...

THANK YOU for the update...I love the redrock pic and the house Nate sold is adorable. Congrats again on graduation cute girl!!! Mom sent me one of your pro pics and I love it

Kaela Cusack said...

I'm pretty sure I know what Olive Garden lady you're talking about! Did she have a spanish accent? (meaning literally from Spain) If it's the same lady, she showed us a picture of her kids/grandkids! What a sweetheart.

Love your blog! Loved your wedding reception. Love you! It was so beautiful-I'm sure you're glad the planning is over and you can RELAX in Me-he-co. Call when you get back! We're long overdue for a girls night :)