Thursday, May 15, 2008

From the Soon-to-be Mrs. Sommers

I got to tell this story like 25 times yesterday, but I wanted to write it on our blog too! Maybe I can persuade Nate to write his side of the story also.

Nate asked me last night if I embellish the story each time I tell it. I told him that I don't need to because everything was absolutely perfect. Seriously, Nate is way better at the romantic stuff than I am. All of my friends kept asking if he had any brothers or if their boyfriends can consult with him when it's time for them to propose. I'm a pretty lucky girl :)

Before I start, I should let you know that I had a couple of requirements for the proposal. Nothing crazy, but I am a girl so there were things I wanted. First of all, I wanted to look cute. I have had so many friends that have gotten engaged in workout clothes or pajamas because their fiances have wanted to surprise them. This first reason is the basis for my second reason, I wanted to have pictures to remember the proposal by. I absolutely love photos and so I wanted to make sure to have everything caught on film, er disk I guess these days. Third, I wanted to be by ourselves (which by the way makes my second requirement slightly difficult). And finally, I wanted it to be sentimental and meaningful. This didn't seem that demanding until I wrote all of this down.... sorry Nate!

Well, he pulled off everything flawlessly. Everything actually started on Monday night. I have been going to this photography class on Tuesday nights so he has been making dinner. On Monday I told him my class was canceled, but he asked if he could still make dinner. He's a really good cook so I said yes of course, but I told him I was going to want to eat later because I wanted to take a nap... so random and I know that Scott would be mad, but Nate completely understands and agrees with my love of naps. So Nate said we would eat around 7 pm.

When I got home from work on Tuesday, I started watching The Dead Poet's Society and promptly fell asleep. Unfortunately, I was still sleeping when Nate came over to my apartment at 7. I woke up and he told me to change because I was going to be cold (he told me we were going out instead). I didn't think he was going to propose, but my sister had told me like a week before to make sure I looked cute everywhere we went and always to keep a camera with me. So I changed pretty fast (not according to Nate) and we left my apartment.

When we got into the car, there was an Olive Garden take-out bag in the backseat. He told me that he had grabbed food and wanted to go somewhere just the two of us. Neither of us really like going to restaurants, so I was totally down for that. ... then he started driving up the canyon. On the way up he told me that he felt really bad that he hadn't been able to get the ring quite yet and so he wanted to do something nice for me. I'm not sure if this made me more or less suspicious, but I was trying really hard to not get my hopes up. We drove up to Deer Creek, which is the place where we had our first kiss. It is absolutely beautiful up there and you seriously feel like you are getting away from everything.

When we got there, I assumed we were going to eat at the picnic tables or on the deck so I asked if he had a blanket because I was wearing white pants. He said no and acted like he was upset with himself for forgetting. He took the bag and we started walking down toward the water. Suddenly he said that he had forgotten his camera and needed to run back to the car. I didn't really think too much about it because we are always taking pictures, but when he was gone, I looked down on the dock and I could barely see this table sitting at the end. I started to get really excited.

He came back and we started to walk out onto the dock. I was seriously so excited. We took a few pictures and then he pulled me in and started dancing with me. Everything was absolutely perfect! Nate had even brought a tripod with his camera. Everyone that sees the pictures keeps asking me who took them, but it was Nate with his amazing artistic eye and his skill with the camera timer. Anyways, he was trying to finish setting everything up and he was sitting down on his knee. He grabbed my hand and said, "MC?" I looked at him and said "Silly boy! Get up!" (side note: he has been pretending to ask me to marry him for like two weeks now). Then he pulled the ring out of his pocket and said, "Will you marry me?" I was shocked! I grabbed the ring and had the biggest smile ever. He picked me up and twirled me around and I said "Of course." I was seriously not composed at all. (I'm glad we don't have that part on film.) He got really nervous and told me to not drop the ring in the water (which was probably good advice considering how much I was jumping up and down). Then I told him he needed to put it on my finger, which he did. The ring is seriously GORGEOUS. (See above to enjoy its beauty.) It was like one of the very last rings I tried on the first time we went ring shopping and ever since no other ring has even come close. I love it because we both loved it. In fact Nate was the one who picked it out for me to try on! The ring was a little big because he didn't have my ring size so I wore it on my pointer finger all night, but it still looked amazing.

After taking pictures and everything, we sat down and ate dinner. Well Nate ate dinner because he was starving after everything all day, but I had a harder time eating. He then told me all of the reasons he loves me and wants to marry me. Then I told him all of the reasons I love him and am so excited to marry him. It was amazing sitting there watching the sunset and being all alone out on the water. I also think it was so great that he proposed to me before dinner so we could just enjoy being together rather than making me be stressed out the entire time wondering what he was going to do. I seriously did not want to leave (even though it started to get really cold) because I just didn't want it all to end.

So there's the story. He definitely satisfied all of my criteria, but everything was so much better than I ever could have dreamed. He is so amazing and thoughtful and I am so excited to be marrying him!!!


Meg said...

Sounds absolutely perfect...I can't wait to see the ring in person. It is beautiful and I love how unique it is. Fantastic job Nate. How fun to have a blog to document your engagement and wedding. So fun for all of us that wish we were closer... or at least not in the remnants of a corn field:>

Meg said...

Sounds absolutely perfect...I can't wait to see the ring in person. It is beautiful and I love how unique it is. Fantastic job Nate. How fun to have a blog to document your engagement and wedding. So fun for all of us that wish we were closer... or at least not in the remnants of a corn field:>

Katie said...

MC i just found your blog and read your story! So cute! I love you too and think you are both just super cute together. Now that I found your blog, I may become a regular visitor. :) Good luck with the wedding plans. It is sure stressful!