Monday, April 7, 2008

We Thank Thee Oh God For a Prophet

So I know I just started but we had the funniest thing happen tonight. This last weekend it was so exciting getting to watch General Conference and take part in the Solemn Assembly in sustaining President Monson as the new Prophet. However, I'm not sure everyone shared our enthusiasm. Nate and I were at dinner tonight at Del Taco and we overheard the conversation of the customers dining next to us. One of the ladies asked a man how he liked President Monson. His response? "He's okay." Dead serious. Ha Ha! I was dying! Talk about a tough crowd!

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Meg said...

Well, I'm not a tough crowd...just so excited that you caved into the blogging world. This way I'll be able to see pics and know everything going on from Indiana:> I also like that you enabled 'comment moderator.'