Saturday, April 12, 2008

Let them eat cake

Today we went up to the Woods on Ninth to do our cake tasting. It was really fun and we decided to go with this company called The Three Chocolate Tiers. We think we are going to do Italian buttercream frosting, have the cake soaked in citrus syrup and then for the filling maybe cream cheese or vanilla with strawberries or raspberry. It sounds like a lot, but it was really good! The group of people at the cake testing were very interesting. There was this one guy with an awesome mullet that Nate wants to try. I told him after the wedding. Also, people brought their entire families! Nate and I decided that next time we're going to bring a suburban full of all of his little cousins to try the cakes. We obviously don't have a ring yet, so I wore my grandma's so we didn't look like some kids just trying to get some free cake. So if you spot a ring in this picture, it's grandma's.

After we got back from Salt Lake we took afternoon naps and then barbecued with our friends Colby and Katie. The boys did a really good job grilling the steaks and pineapple Tacano's style. Later we went to a bonfire that had hundreds of people there and a crazy fire. It wasn't that warm today, but we're taking all the sunshine we can get! We are so looking forward to summer days and nights and no more snow!!!


hannah said...

citrus syrup? can you say ew? haha well mabye it could be good! HOLY COW! that is a HUGE bombfire! haha i think all sales guys are sketchy. dont you think? afternoon naps? thats seperate right? lol jk! well have fun!

marycarol said...

the naps were separate... Nate was enjoying his motorcross too much for me, but thanks for checking up on us Hannah :)

Meg said...

I'm with Hannah..all I got out of that was the 'citrus syrup.' Love the pics, love that you are doing such fun things like cake tastings...and of course I would get in a suburban to be able to have lots of yummy, free cake. Okay, shoot me in the face I have to get back to moving:>